The Terra Latch

Terra Latch was started in 2016 to bring a unique gardening product to the UK and European marketplace. The Terracotta Pot Hanger allows flower lovers to add colour at any height whether or not they have a garden. The client needed clarity of overall vision and concept for launch of the product in the UK market. Video content to show the appeal and ease of the product was also essential for capturing the target audience.

Luxury Build Refurbishement

Organic ZOO

OrganicZOO is a conceptual British fashion brand for babies, using 100% organic cotton for its clothes. The company initially started from a small stall in Kensington Gardens Brighton, the brand grew significantly over the course of two years and now supplies over 200 stores worldwide.

The brand was started with a passion to design and create luxury organic baby wear, which was manufactured in Europe using the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, coupled with an engaging and effective marketing strategy.

Sheep and Chandeliers

Originally conceived due to the ever growing costs and concerns associated with energy usage and environmental issues. Sheep and Chandeliers turned from eco store to Toy Store retailing unusual brands and products. The founders love for children, retail, high quality products and the environment led him to become a somewhat 'local celebrity' and place to go for childrens toys. Pow WOW was involved from creating everything from the concept to branding and building of the ecommerce website.

Centrum Domino